IBS Days 2020 | Bologna, Italy May 28-30 2020


New insights
for a better management
of irritable bowel syndrome

Royal Carlton Hotel- Bologna, Italy

-, 2020

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Congress Venue

Ibs days 2020: Immagine del Royal Carlton Hotel a Bologna   

Via Montebello 8 - 40121 Bologna - Italy
+ 39 051 249361

The Royal Carlton Hotel is in the centre of Bologna, near the pedestrian area, outside the restricted traffic zone and just a short walk from the railway station and Piazza Maggiore, city centre.

  • To reach the hotel, using satellite navigation, please set for Via Milazzo 6 in order to avoid the restricted traffic zone.

  • The hotel is just 5 km from G. Marconi airport and 400 m far from the Bologna Centrale train station.